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Protected: RMVP

Posted on May 10, 2018

  Please click on this link – RMVP Email Notifications to fill out the form for RMVP notifications.  We use as our online email marketing company, thus the strange URL.  This add you to the RMVP database to receive notfications about upcoming meetings.   Or you can add to your calendar. Rocky Mountain Veterinary Professionals Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 11:30 – 12pm Meet and Greet – Networking 12:00 – 2pm Lunch and meeting The Tavern in DTC 5336 DTC Blvd. Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Meetings are held every other month, 2nd Tuesday of the month.   October meeting will be held at a different location. Sponsored by DVM Consultants West LLC Tuesday Oct 9 at Legacy Ridge Golf & Country Club  10801 Legacy Ridge Pkwy Westminster, CO...

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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey

Posted on Apr 20, 2018

I attended a wonderful online meeting today through The Bridge Club   They had Ryan Buck, CEO of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialist.  On August 27th, 2017 they were severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas.  They had seen minor flooding in the past but this particular flood was the worst they have ever experienced.   Instead of an inch or two of water they had water all the way up to two floors that was very turbulent acting like a washing machine.   239 employees were displaced during this event, 90% of the hospital was gone and they were reduced from 60,000 square feet of space to 6,000 square feet of temporary space to get their business back and functional.  It was a total loss!   Their Servers were also under water, including their Practice Management Software and Email systems.  It took 2 Weeks to recover these systems. They were not able to roll back to the exact time of the flooding but seemed to be able to recover as best as they could.  He mentioned that this prompted reviews of technology and changes they will be making including migration to new practice management system and other solutions.  Ryan also mentioned since they didn’t have a Practice Management system running they most likely missed billing opportunities which also related to more loss of revenue during this outage.   The following are my thoughts and notes on how best to assure your clinic or hospital stays protected a disaster like this. (Fire, Flood or Theft).  Ryan mentioned since email was down communication was difficult but key.  They used GroupMe app to get communication flowing as their email system was underwater.  We highly recommend cloud based email and communication systems as this prevents having on site systems and recovery is not needed as big companies like Microsoft Office 365 has the redundancy built into their platform to allow communication even if your business is offline.   Cloud technology is the key to assuring quick recovery of Practice Management Systems.  If you run Practice Management Software on your own server, that server has to be protected with hourly backups with hourly offsite replication.  We promote and advise this as the best form of Business Continuity.   It’s not however how often you are backing up, but more important of how quickly you can get back up and running.  So a quick cloud recovery is highly recommended and what we promote to all of our clients that run their own practice management system in-house.   Don’t assume your current cloud backups will provide quick recovery.  The Cloud backups that the Practice Management Software companies typically sell don’t come with a quick recovery option. It is just data only and will take quite a bit of time to get it downloaded from the cloud back and running on a system you can access.  Yes it does protect the data, but as Ryan stated it may take two weeks to get systems back and operational if it is just data only.   Our cloud backups allow instant virtualization of your practice management system and in Ryan’s case would have had access to his Practice Management systems in 4-8 hours vs 14 Days.   Moving away from  servers running inside your practice should be your long term strategy.  If you are in a position where your servers are old and in need of upgrading, we highly encourage you to consider moving your servers to the cloud.  Keep your current practice management software as you know it and it can be converted 100% successfully to the cloud.   That way if...

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Bad Rabbit ransomware Vaccine to prevent

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Towards the end of last month we blogged bout a nasty new ransomware variant called Bad Rabbit.   This is an animal you don’t want to see in your clinic or hospital.  But there is a cure to this new nasty threat.  Below is how you can put in a vaccine to prevent this malware from infecting your systems and holding you hostage to your own data.   We also have an automated way of rolling this out if interested. Just use the Contact Us above and we would be happy to help.  Or pass along this information to your managed IT service to assure they get this in place to protect your practice.  If you are a customer of ours, we have already rolled out this vaccine to prevent.   First, create these two files in c:\windows:   infpub.dat cscc.dat   You can do that really quickly by starting cmd.exe as an admin: Then type the following commands: echo “” > c:\windows\cscc.dat&&echo “” > c:\windows\infpub.dat   Next, remove all their permissions by right clicking each file and selecting properties:   Then select the security tab:   Now click advanced, opening the following window:   Click change permissions, opening the following window:   Then, uncheck the “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parents” box. After you do that, the following window will pop up. Click “remove”.   You are now done. Remember to perform this action for the two files you created.   If you are running Windows 10, repeat the same steps but instead of unchecking the inheritance box, click the “disable inheritance button”:   And then select “Remove all inherited permissions from this object”:...

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Bad Rabbit Ransomware – How to protect your clinic or hosptial

Posted on Oct 25, 2017

We are seeing reports of a new Ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit based on prior NotPetya attack this past June.  It is a variant that has spread from Russia and the Ukraine to countries worldwide – including the United States.   There are ways to assure your clinic or hospital is protected. First assure you have the latest Microsoft patches installed on your machine. Specifically the one released in March of 2017 that fixes a known issue that allows this to spread itself across the network.  For those clinics and hospital on our IT Wellness Plans, you are already protected!   As always check your backups and assure they are good and recent just in case something gets through you have something to fall back to. (i.e. not pay the ransom).  If you are making backups to USB attached hard drives, be careful as the Ransomware can attack your backups leaving you no choice but to pay the ransom!  We recommend using a more secured approach of a network device that is password protected so Ransomware can’t infect.   There is a Vaccine to protect customers from Bad Rabbit that we will be deploying to all managed clinics and hospitals to assist them with trying to stop this thing from infecting machines. This is fairly technical so you may want to pass this along to your IT provider to assure they get this fix in place for your workstations and servers.   Last be aware that this is infecting machines by prompting users to update their Adobe Flash software.  It is a fake flash update prompt and highly recommend educating your employees to be on the lookout for this type of prompt and to NOT click anything, reboot the machine and report the issue to your IT person as soon as possible.  We maintain our clinics and hospitals Adobe Flash with automated scripts and you should not be seeing any updates to Flash.  Again don’t click “No” or any prompts as the programming language is most likely built to install itself no matter what you choose – Getting the malware/ransomware on the machine is the goal for these bad guys.   Hope this is helpful and if you are needing any assistance assuring your clinic or hospital is protected, please contact Joseph Axne at 303-520-3733 x9010 or use the “Contact” link above.  We would be happy to assist.   Sean Fetter, our Network Admin wanted me to post usernames and passwords Bad Rabbit uses for self-replication.  If you use any of these usernames or passwords, highly suggest you change as these are common and scary how common we see passwords like these.   Usernames: Admin Administrator alex asus backup boss buh ftp ftpadmin ftpuser Guest manager nas nasadmin nasuser netguest operator other user rdp rdpadmin rdpuser root superuser support Test User User1 user-1 work Passwords: 111111 123 123321 1234 12345 123456 1234567 12345678 123456789 1234567890 321 55555 777 77777 Admin Admin123 admin123Test123 Administrator administrator Administrator123 administrator123 adminTest god Guest guest Guest123 guest123 love password qwe qwe123 qwe321 qwer qwert qwerty qwerty123 root secret sex test test123 uiop User user User123 user123 zxc zxc123 zxc321...

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Micro Server For Smaller Veterinary Practices (1-3 Exam Rooms)

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

Servers are ideal for Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals of all sizes as they allow the centralized management.  To read why go to our IT-Guru blog site and read about Peer-to-Peer vs Client Server Networks to learn more.  Basically a server is good because it becomes the “brains” of the network for centralized administration.  It assists greatly with security and the ability to control and manage your computers attached to your network.   If you are a smaller veterinary practice, say 1-3 exam rooms there is a very affordable but powerful server you may want to consider.  If you are a larger practice this solution isn’t going to be able to suit your needs, unless your practice management system is cloud based and just need a system to assist with simple file sharing, printer sharing, and user management.   We have partnered with HP and they have a ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 server that fits really well for smaller practices.  The $929 is the starting price, but in reality this price goes up to around $2500 once you add some other upgrades and essentials you will need (list below) all of which we deem as “required” for the system to be applied into a Veterinary clinic to assure it is at least a 3 year solution. 8GB Memory upgrade to bring system up to 16GB or RAM 3 Year Warranty 3 Year Insight Lights Out remote access and configuration subscription   With this small but powerful system here are some of the benefits you would recieve Platform to allow secure remote access to your clinic or hospitals to allow you to work from home. Centralized management of your Users, Computers, Printers and important clinic files like X-Rays, HR Files, etc Redundant hard drives so if/when hard drive fails you will stay running with minimal downtime and easy to fix Proactive monitoring of hardware to alert you if there is a failure and make troubleshooting much easier   So if you are in the market for a new server, consider this MicroServer as an option.  It packs a power punch for such a small piece of equipment!  Should you want to learn more about this solution and if it right for your veterinary clinic or hospital, call Joe Axne the owner at 303-520-3733 or use the “Contact” link above and we will be happy to assist....

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