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Bad Rabbit ransomware Vaccine to prevent

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Towards the end of last month we blogged bout a nasty new ransomware variant called Bad Rabbit.   This is an animal you don’t want to see in your clinic or hospital.  But there is a cure to this new nasty threat.  Below is how you can put in a vaccine to prevent this malware from infecting your systems and holding you hostage to your own data.   We also have an automated way of rolling this out if interested. Just use the Contact Us above and we would be happy to help.  Or pass along this information to your managed IT service to assure they get this in place to protect your practice.  If you are a customer of ours, we have already rolled out this vaccine to prevent.   First, create these two files in c:\windows:   infpub.dat cscc.dat   You can do that really quickly by starting cmd.exe as an admin: Then type the following commands: echo “” > c:\windows\cscc.dat&&echo “” > c:\windows\infpub.dat   Next, remove all their permissions by right clicking...

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Bad Rabbit Ransomware – How to protect your clinic or hosptial

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We are seeing reports of a new Ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit based on prior NotPetya attack this past June.  It is a variant that has spread from Russia and the Ukraine to countries worldwide – including the United States.   There are ways to assure your clinic or hospital is protected. First assure you have the latest Microsoft patches installed on your machine. Specifically the one released in March of 2017 that fixes a known issue that allows this to spread itself across the network.  For those clinics and hospital on our IT Wellness Plans, you are already protected!   As always check your backups and assure they are good and recent just in case something gets through you have something to fall back to. (i.e. not pay the ransom).  If you are making backups to USB attached hard drives, be careful as the Ransomware can attack your backups leaving you no choice but to pay the ransom!  We recommend using a more secured approach of a network device that is password protected...

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WIFI at your Veterinary Clinic? Must Read about New Security Flaw!

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Wi-Fi networks have a major issue released this week.  Specifically around secure Wi-Fi connections using WPA2 security.   WPA2 has a security flaw that puts almost every Wi-Fi device at risk of hijack, eavesdropping.  We are in the process of reviewing and scheduling required firmware updates for access points.  But all Wi-Fi devices will be effected by this one not just access points.  So phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.   Here’s an official website giving some technical details about the issue.   What’s interesting is their demo video about 3:45 into the video, they show you how they can capture your password with this hack.  They used an Android device in this demo to attach to a WPA2 n Wi-Fi network.  Which BTW is a very common thing this day. Android attacks seem to be the easiest to attack right now but ALL devices will be effected by this find!   OK so all this tech stuff what does this mean for a clinic or hospital?  All devices that are Wi-Fi connected or will...

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STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO PROTECT YOUR VETERINARY CLINIC OR HOSPITAL NOW!   STORE FULL SYSTEM IMAGES LOCALLY AND IN THE CLOUD   Make sure all your important systems and important data are backed up both locally and to the cloud. If you don’t already have a business continuity solution in place, assuring you have some sort of backup is vital to start.   Making a copy to USB drives or tapes as last resort as this often is the most time consuming recovery process which has high chances of failure for recovery also!   Since there isn’t a ton of advance warning when a disaster strikes, it’s important you transport your data to the cloud prior and be proactive.  There are times when your backups are just too large to get offsite quickly.  It could take some clinics or hospitals 3-5 days to get their initial full backup offsite.  But after the full is done copying it is rather quick to get data offsite with smaller “changes only” backups keeping you protected hourly onsite...

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IT-Guru Named to Channel E2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs: 2017 Edition

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IT-Guru Named to Channel E2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs: 2017 Edition

Second-Annual List Identifies and Honors Top MSPs In Healthcare, Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing & More   April 27, 2017 Aurora, CO: IT-Guru has been named to After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research. The list and research (hashtag: #Top100MSP) identify and honor the top 100 managed services providers (MSPs) in healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing and additional vertical markets.   The Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs rankings are based on ChannelE2E’s Q1 2017 readership survey. MSPs featured throughout the list and research leverage deep vertical market expertise to drive annual recurring revenues (ARR) in specific market segments. This year’s research identified several key trends: The most successful vertical market MSPs are zeroing in on financial services and healthcare, although consolidation in the healthcare IT services sector is accelerating. MSP micro-verticals have emerged. Examples include IT services for veterinary hospitals (healthcare); hedge funds (financial services), and clubs and resorts (hospitality). The MSP shift from device management to user experience is still accelerating. Top 100 MSPs now manage 513 million people...

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Microsoft Windows Updates

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Microsoft has changed how they perform updates and even upgrades that can and will cause your clinic or hospital to have computer issues if you don’t know the following things!   Here is a technical article if you want to read it, but let me just give you the cliff notes, real world perspective and translate this into something you may be able to understand better.   Microsoft is calling their major updates, or what we IT folks used to call “Server Packs”, into a new term called “Feature Packs”.   Veterinary IT Support still has the stance that “Service Packs” (now called “Feature Packs”) should be rolled out in a controlled fashion. So basically not installing it right away because it is very new and should be tested by others first.  Then, if there are no reports of major issues, start to slowly roll it out to your clinic or hospital a couple of machines at a time.   First, you will want to assure you run Windows 10 Professional, because if you...

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Veterinary industry must prepare now for next ransomware attack

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Ransomware is nothing new and always top of mind for us, it’s dominating the IT Security world for the past two years. With two major attacks in quick succession – May’s catastrophic WannaCry attack followed up by June’s Petya attack – everyone is on high alert and looking for the best route to keep their organizations and end users safe.   The numbers don’t lie: 2016 saw four times as many ransomware attacks as previous years, and 2017 is already on a path to being even worse – some studies warning the number could double over 2016’s already astronomical number of attacks. Meanwhile, as ransomware is making headlines, data breaches continue to be a major concern, with new regulations on the horizon and the weight of the damage to reputation of a clinic or hospital as data breaches can cause.   While healthcare and financial services businesses are most frequently hit, no industry is immune: 92% of IT firms reported ransomware attacks on their clients. Despite these numbers, according to the FBI only one in four attacks are actually reported....

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Veterinary Referrals without Faxing

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  We help a lot of veterinary clinics and hospitals with their technology and amazed how dependent they are to the Fax!   Fax (short for facsimile), sometimes called telecopying or telefax can and will assist getting printed material (both text and images) transferred to another clinic or hospital. But the technology is from the mainstream 1980’s so 30+ year od technology.  The technology is old and slow and can be problematic when the single piece of hardware that does the faxing starts to have issues.  We call this a single point of failure, where only one piece of technology is dependent on doing an important function for a practice.   We are amazed how critical the fax can be, especially for a referral specialist which depends on receiving information about the client’s pet and sending information back to the referral clinic/hospital.  But there is a much, much better and easier way to transfer referral information back and forth, and won’t cost you ton of money.   There is a much better way of doing this...

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Buying Bitcoin is NOT Easy

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    We are seeing a rash of Ransomware going around demanding payment via Bitcoin. We DO NOT recommend EVER paying the ransom, instead have a good Business Continuity Plan in place for your Veterinary Clinic or Hospital instead. This way you can just roll back to an exact point in time vs having to deal with paying to get your data back.   However after reading the following blog on DVM 360 Titled “My Veterinary Practice’s Data was Held Ransom” You will read this took his practice down for over 10 days trying to get this all sorted out. Oh, BTW the latest threat that is hitting called Petya, you wouldn’t want to pay the ransom at all, it is tied to only one email address and that address has been taken down. So if you did pay, you won’t get your data back because bad guys won’t be able to contact you and your data and money is lost forever (like throwing $300 away in the trash!)   But back to Bitcoin...

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Happy 4th of July

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Tis the season when things tend to “Blow Up”!  Perhaps the fuse is already lit for your Server and it’s just a matter of time before it ignites!   That’s right July 4th is hear and as the fireworks are going off in around your area it is a good time to ask yourself. Is my Veterinary Clinic or Hospital protected from computer, server and network disasters?   Servers are your central operating unit for your practice and if it stops your business will come to a grinding halt.  And as I mentioned perhaps there are issues already present and the fuse is already lit.   That is where proactive server monitoring and maintenance can assist.  The majority of servers today can and will report issues, but we have found, during the 100’s of server assessments we have done,  there may already be signs of failure already, but the clinic and hospitals don’t even know it.   Your server does have a “Check Engine” light capability, but it if is not set to report correctly,  then no one will...

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