securitypuzzlepiece_300x199IT Security is a real threat to Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals and it is extremely important to assure there are multiple layers of protection put in place to assist with protecting your business. The security landscape is consistently changing so it is also important that any security products or solutions deployed have the ability to keep up with these latest threats.


There really is no one solution that will protect your clinic or hospitals, but with a multi solution approach you can layer the security for your best protection option.  Here are some examples of the minimal solutions you need to have in place now to assure your computers and networks and most important your data is protected.


1. Business Class Firewall (Or the gateway in and out of the internet) – These devices should be “Business Class” and offer what we call “Deep Packet Inspection” as well and Anti-virus/Anti-malware scanning.  It needs to have an active security subscription so that the latest threats are blocked.  This device controls all the traffic in and out of your network.


2. All Workstations – Should have Anti-virus and Anti-malware protection in place. It should be the same solution deployed across all machines which should be centrally managed. Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions are only as good as their updates, so assuring you have an active support subscription and recent updates to the program (at least daily but hourly better).


3. Microsoft Windows – Patching needs to occur on a consistent basis. Microsoft releases security and stability related updates that need to be deployed in a timely fashion.


4. Third party Program Patching  – Java, Adobe (Flash, Acrobat, Reader), Chrome, Firefox, Silverlight, Picasa, Winzip, GoToMeeting, and any other program that uses the internet needs to have updates completed on a consistent basis to keep your environment secure.


5. Web Umbrella Protection  – This should be put in place, especially for Laptops. Laptops leave the network and need a solution in place to assure not only Anti-virus/Anti-malware protection but also web filtering to stop the nasty threats hiding in Ads on major websites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.  If an infection does occur you need to stop that infection from “Calling Home” to cause any further damage.


6. Backups – It is critical that you have the ability to recover from backups. These backups should not be tape or disk based backups but should be network backups to prevent threats attacking your backups if they were to occur.  So a fall back plan in case a nasty security threat does get through the many layers of protection you have in place.


By deploying a layered approach to security you have a better chance of stopping the threats from occurring.  And if they occur, having the right solution there to stop the infection from “Calling Home” is also extremely important.  The single biggest threat out there today is a Ransom ware malware program called CryptoLocker or CryptoWall.


Ransomware infects and “Calls Home” and gets instructions to encrypt all your important data.  This malware attacks not only local data but data that is housed on your server like your Cornerstone, Impromed or Avimark shares.  This results in huge loss of data and extended downtime to recover.


You recover by going back to a known good backup, if you don’t have a backup or the Ransomware encrypted those backups then your only chance is to pay a huge Ransom to get your data back.  They request thousands of dollars (We have seen $1500 to $7000).  But that is the last resort as many times the money is just a scam to try and get you to pay more or they take your money and run.  So it’s best not to even deal with these crooks and just recover from the backup.


Ransomware prevention is a huge deal and we are seeing infections get through typical security measures like Anti-virus/Anti-malware programs.  The crooks are findings ways around these security products.  So there are these solutions we deploy in an environment that assist with Ransomware attacks.


1. Server Group Policy – Watches files being written to the server. If the server sees a file become encrypted, it automatically shuts down that share so that no further damage can occur and alerts us with which system caused this file share shut down.


2. Umbrella Web Protection – This will watch all internet traffic and stop you from going to sites that have known security risks. It also stops Ads placed inside major sites like Yahoo, Bing, Google from displaying and prevents that threat from occurring.


3. Anti-Malware Protection – Anti-virus doesn’t stop Malware/Ransomware as the bad guys figured out how to get around that solution, so Anti-malware solutions should be in place, but again the bad guys are finding ways around this.


4. Firewalls – Good business class firewall.


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