Veterinary Dictation

Gone are the days of staying late at the practice and completing your S.O.A.P.’s because you have to manually type in all the information.  IT-Guru has a solution which will allow you to dictate the information needed directly into your Practice Management Solution with our voice recognition solution.


Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Software

As we have started to work with more and more Veterinary Practices, we found the majority of them are using some type of computerized practice management records system.  But when using these computerized systems it can slow a doctor down because of all the manual entry required!  So we set out with a goal to give a packaged solution that will help our clients save time and not require doctors to stay late at the office finishing up their documentation for the day.


DragonWe have partnered with Nuance, the maker’s of Dragon Medical Practice Edition and now have national support group that will help our client’s with the support and training they need to succeed!




The solution we have developed has been designed for small practices with 24 doctors or less, and will help our clients:

* Improve documentation
* Eliminate transcription costs
* Increase satisfaction
* Enhance efficiency
* Increase practice profitability


Our dictation solution is estimated to save you 15 minutes of documentation time per procedure you do. On average we found our clients will see a savings of at least an hour per day, per doctor for an average 5-10 doctor environment.  And some practices are seeing a 2-3 hour savings per day!


The key to our dictation solution is our support team!  The implementation and adoption of our dictation solution will succeed because we will be there through the process.  We will help with the setup, configuration and most important training and ongoing support. Training and support being the single most important feature of our package.  We will give one-on-one virtual training sessions for you and your staff.  Our team will be there to help even after full deployment has occurred with our email and chat services as needed for a full year after implementation.


If you are interested in saving 1 hour per day entering your S.O.A.P.’s call us today to schedule a live virtual demo.  From there we can provide you a full quote for your specific practice.  Seeing is believing so call us today at 303-520-3733 x9010