When it comes to Computers and Networks at a Veterinary Practice, there is a lot of frustration and costly downtime when this technology doesn’t work.  And often we see that the Owner, Owner’s friend, Practice Manager or some local IT Person or Company is who they contact when things break.  This call often occurs in a reactive way, when it is already impacting the business which can and will take a lot of time/money to resolve.

Instead of waiting for things to break, I recommend a different approach.  An approach that if done correctly will reduce this frustration and allow you to sleep better at night knowing you are protected.  And it’s technology so things still break, but when an issue occurs, it can be fixed quickly and is less impacting.

It all starts with IT Standards of Care.  Just like you have different standards of care depending on the breed of dog or cat you are seeing, a good IT support company will have IT Standards built around the solutions you run. (Your Veterinary Hospital Breed)  Inside your practice you have different solutions that have “Best Practices” published for things like Pharmacy, Labs, Dentistry, Practice Management software, etc. that all needs alignment to assist with prevention of issues.

It’s not just having these IT Standards of Care and aligning one time, but consistent review is required to assure you haven’t slipped from alignment.  Also these IT Standards change which requires review and re-alignment as well.  A good IT support company will have a regular and ongoing review to assure the Clinic or Hospital stays in alignment.  This is done by assigning a Network Administrator (Non-reactive staff member) to review things quarterly and assure things are aligned correctly. They are not there to troubleshoot and fix reactive issues but review and find problems that will eventually create these reactive tickets and assist stop them from occurring.

An example is IT Standards built around printing.  Although a Clinic or Hospital is paper light they still have a big need to print. Take home sheets, Prescription/Pharmacy, Customer Receipts, etc. are still important printing functions at a practice.   So reviewing Print Management Standards is important to assure consistent printing can occur.  There are lots of things needing technical review here and when aligned correctly will a result of less printing issues for the Clinic or Hospital.

Assuring your IT Person/Company you are working with has some sort of Standard alignment is extremely important.  They should know your business and should review things quarterly and provide you reports to show you that alignment is occurring.  This is where most IT companies are missing the mark.  Yes this is typically a monthly subscription plan and we meet with practices that are not happy because they still have issues and not seeing results of less IT issues with the subscription they pay for.  The missing piece in almost all of these frustrations is IT Standards of Care alignment is not occurring.

Want to see if your Clinic or Hospital is aligned correctly?  We can provide an onsite or remote assessment and review your specific Veterinary Practice.  Just give Joe Axne the owner of IT-Guru a call at 303-520-3733 or use the contact us form on our website.  We get to know your needs, you get to know us, and you gain an easy step towards seeing if we can help make your life better and easier.