I’m writing from the trenches today.  After AVMA conference we have received several calls from clinics and hospitals having issues with their AviMark, Cornerstone, Impromed, Intravet practice management software.  The common thread here is that the Practice Management Software company is saying it’s not their software and the IT Company is saying it’s not their setup.  So a lot of finger pointing but no resolution to the frustration the Clinic or Hospital is having with their technology.

I wanted to share what we are seeing with Clinics and Hospitals this week.  The platform which is running the software is often the issue.  Meaning how the environment is setup and maintained is often the issue.  So it’s typical a foundation issue.  Like a foundation to a house.  If that foundation is cracked, sinking, or having issues, the house you built on top of that foundation is also having issues (i.e. plumbing, electrical, etc)  We call the foundation “IT Standards of Care” which are developed and proven standards that must be followed to provide a safe, secure and most importantly stable environment.

We take Clinics to the Cloud with our “Foundation” which we know is solid and secure.  So instead of running the practice management system on your own computers we fork lift what you are already using to the cloud.  Then the Computers at  your Clinic or Hospital are just “dumb terminal” connecting to our Cloud Infrastructure.  All that is needed is a simple internet connection and you are able to run your practice management software without all the headaches that come with improper setup.  If your internet isn’t stable we assist with fixing that and can provide you a device with LTE cellular connection to have an always on connection to the internet.

Stop the finger pointing and contact me, Joseph Axne the owner of IT-Guru and I can provide a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment at no charge to you.  We would review current setup and provide you any feedback on what you would need to do to go to the cloud.

This is not new, cutting edge technology.  IT-Guru has been in business for 12 years with the last 6 years focused on Veterinary IT Support.  Before Joseph started IT-Guru he was in charge of American Medical Responses Ambulance Dispatch systems.  He was a pioneer in the industry back in 2001 taking the 911 systems to “Cloud” type systems. So again not cutting edge, brand new technology here, but systems that are now proven to work correctly and solve your needs.  So stop the Finger Pointing and consider the Cloud and contact Joseph today.