A better solution for recovery.

Backups are an outdated way to protect your Veterinary Practice’s Server. Instead you need to assure you have a Sustainability Solution in place to assure you can recover quickly It is imperative you understand the following two metrics that need to be achieved.

  • IT-Standards-of-Care

    Or in simple terms: how often do you want backups to run. We recommend hourly during normal business hours and before any scheduled maintenance is performed on any of your servers systems.

    Real-Time Protection Option
  • Doctor working on a digital tablet

    Or in simple terms: how quickly you need to be back online from a server failure. We recommend something that can be up and running within 1 hour or less so surgery can continue, wellness checks can occur, you can receive payment for services, you can complete your SOAPS, etc.. The more depending you are on technology the more strategic you need to be with your IT Assests!

    Recovery Time Objective

We have completed a vast amount of IT Wellness Assessments for Veterinary Practices over the past 3 years.  Here are some of the common things we find and what you need to know when it comes to backups:

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