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Slide Smiling woman and her cat at the veterinary clinic, a doctor is cuddling her pet What's in the guide? Chances are, you're on this page because you want to address your veterinary practice's IT needs. That's exactly why we wrote this guide - to put you in an empowered position to know what to address, and what steps you can begin taking immediately. You'll find easy steps on protecting data, anti-virus solutions, firewall basics, and more. The guide will take about 10 minutes to get through, and the end result will be extremely valuable for your practice.

Slide Who's Veterinary IT Support? We are a group of IT professionals who are passionate about helping veterinarians and the animals and people they serve. We are recognized as the premier and trusted IT partner in the field, and have decades of combined experience in the field. We provide a wide range of proactive, cost effective and thoughtful IT services for veterinary practices all over the country. Often times, our clients claim to not remember what life was like before us! IT-Standards-of-Care

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